Greg Elsey Meditation

Life can be very stressful if you allow it to be. Being mindful can help you in many ways, and the benefits of practising mindfulness are very similar to the benefits of meditation.
Mindfulness can help you:
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Decrease muscle tension
• Improve creativity
• Enhance energy
• Improve memory
• Lower your blood pressure
• Relieve headaches
• Give you insight and inspiration
• Help you make better decisions
• Increase focus and concentration
• Improve resilience and confidence
• Increase awareness and help you solve complex problems better
• Improve skillful communication
• Help you become a more thoughtful leader
• Give you more confidence
• Increase empathy
• Improve your general well-being and peace of mind
• Releases endorphins your brain's natural feel-good chemical


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Meditate on the Central Coast

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