Greg Elsey Meditation

Virtually all stress we experience each day is a direct result of our needs not being met in one way or another.

We can overcome stress relating to unmet needs by:

  • Changing our stress response
  • Increasing the likelihood of our needs being met.

When was the last time you took time out for yourself to push pause on the world and learn how to integrate self care practices into your daily routine?

Join me for an introduction to Stress Reduction and Mindful Meditation. No robes, or religious affiliation, we sit on chairs (unless you prefer otherwise).

The morning will include some discussion on how to reduce stress, learning some tools to take away, and some short guided meditations.

After completing the workshop, participants will:
• Understand what stress is and the symptoms and triggers.
• Understand how stress affects the body.
• Be able to use strategies to reduce and manage stress.
• Know what lifestyle elements can be changed to reduce stress.
• Know how to meditate and understand the benefits.
• Understand the 4 A’s of Stress Management.
• Be able to use relaxation techniques.
• Know how implementing plans and routines can reduce or remove stress.
• Know how to use a stress diary to identify stressors & create a plan to reduce or eliminate them.

Coming from the corporate world, and commuting to Sydney for 20 years, I understand the rush of commuting/business/life, and how it can be difficult to press pause and take time out.

Join me for 4 hours and enjoy the benefits


New Dates to be advised.

Meditate on the Central Coast

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